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The ever expanding network and increasing network devices present a major challenge in effectively managing networks and providing high-quality network services. Network management is vital to the proper functionality of a network solution

The following four elements are involved in network management:
  • Managed node: device that is managed on the network.

  • Agent: software or hardware that traces the status of the managed node.

  • Manager: device that communicates with the agents residing on managed nodes and displays the status of the agents.

  • Network management protocol: protocol that is used to exchange information between the manager and agents.

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Network Solution for You

Campus Network Solution

  • Huawei's CloudCampus 2.0 Solution visualizes every user's experience, in any application, and at any point in time, providing analysis of faults at their root and offering intelligent defense against threats.

Data Center Network

  • A solution designed for building DCNs with lossless Ethernet, full-lifecycle automation, and network-wide intelligent O&M, maximizing computing power with new Ethernet capabilities.

Network Security

  • Huawei SDSec Solution enables more intelligent threat detection, threat response, and security operations and maintenance and improves the threat prevention capabilities of enterprise networks and telecom infrastructure, thus increasing security O&M efficiency and reducing O&M costs.

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