Indoor Micro Data Center


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Indoor Micro Data Center

Integrated System

Within one day, you can deploy the IT equipments and power on your business. Pre-manufactured and fully tested means that no-extra on-site engineering required to activate the product.

Design once and deploy anywhere. By this standardized architecture and remote monitoring platform, you can gain control of these critical assets, reduce risks, operational costs and improve service level.


Lego style components designed by experienced R&D team support diverse customization including capacity configuration, redundancy configuration, mechanical and software modifications.


Expansion with Freedom

Buy small then scale to big. These stand-alone scalable solution means you can plan and invest your IT assets step by step while your business grows. Invest only when necessary.

Cooling System

The built in dedicated modular precision cooling in Pakistan removes heat and creates appropriate working temperature and humidity environment for critical IT equipment’s, while consumes lower energy benefiting from fully closed enclosure and hot/cold air management design. Emergency ventilation system opens in case the cooling falls in failure.

Power System

Rack mounted UPS(Uninterruptible power supply) system provides good power quality protecting IT equipment from poor power conditions and power outages. 48VDC power system for telecom communication equipment’s. Matching with battery system which is configurable with backup time from 5 minutes to 4 hours to guarantee business continuity.

Fire System

Rack mounted fire system automatically detects system fire status, and release the built in FM200 gas to extinguish the fire. Early stage fire detection system sends alarm before the fire causes any damage.

Rack System

Closed rack system provides safe space, noise cancelling, thermal insulated, and dust proof. Special double layer transparent front door design prevents condensate and offers status indication.

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